The Mountains are Calling…

Oh my Gosh!  It is all ready the very end of January!  That means spring riding is almost here!  Warm temps, soft snow, sunny skies, and drinks on the patio!  So I was inspired to put together a colorful little fashion set featuring my Earflap Headbands (perfect for warmer weather!) and a few of my other favorite spring gear picks- enjoy!
The Mountains are Calling....

and of course, here are all the links to all the lovely items in this set:
Happy Creature Earflap Headbands 
Nelta’s Knits Handmade Chunky Infinity Scarf
BURTON Women’s Pine Recycled Pullover Hoodie
Burton 101061 Womens Fly Pant
Anon Tempest Womens Goggles 2015
BURTON Women’s Pipe Gloves
Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones (Silver)
Carrera Z1Z Havana Fuchsia Champion Aviator Sunglasses Lens Category 2
Copco 16-Ounce Capacity Acadia Reusable To Go Mug, Plum
Vans Women’s Boast Beanie Hat Cap-Royal Blue
DS Plain Knit Cap Cold Winter Cuff Beanie (40+ Multi Color Available) (Light Purple)
Burton Ritual Snowboard Boot Black Print Women’s BLACK PRINT 8

Have fun out there!


FTC DISCLOSURE: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  Click here for my full disclosure policy.

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My 5 Favorite Beanie Shops on ETSY


Top left: Happy Creature,  Center: Peace Love Beanies,  Top right: wish you were Northwest

Bottom Left: The Bird Tales, Bottom Right: The Maine String

Browsing beanies on Etsy can seem overwhelming with so many products and brands – not to mention the wide variety of prices!   It can be hard to decide- especially if the beanie is for a gift.  If you are looking for the best brands with the best prices, look no further, here is a list of my 5 favorite beanie shops that make hats anyone would love to receive!

The Maine String     #somelikeitcold

*why I love them:  This shop is really well branded and fun to check out!  All the products are super cute and I know I have many people on my Christmas list that would love something from this shop!  On her about page, Lacey says,

“I take a certain pride in the perfection of every stitch. Being organized, driven and meticulous are my standards for creating.”

The quality consistent stitching really shows in the photos!  Also, the hats, headbands, and cowls are Handmade on the coast of Maine- so you know they are warm!

Favorite Beanie:  Stretchy pom-pom Beanie

favorite Maine String Beanie


Peace Love Beanies  “spreading good karma one beanie at a time”

*why I love them: Their program, #Hats4Hats – for every beanie sold an identical vibe infused beanie is donated to a homeless soul <3 <3 <3 amazing!  I love small businesses that give back like that!  These beanies look perfect for everyday wear- I’ll take one in every color please!

Favorite Beanie: Peace and Love Beanie ONYX!

peace love favorite


The Bird Tales  “Great things. Great price.”

*why I love them:  The Bird Tales tag line is “Great things. Great Price.”  That is a serious understatement!  The prices are absolutely amazing for such a beautiful handmade product.  Usually for products like this on Etsy, you would expect to pay much more!  Every hat is handmade to order for you in your choice of color and size.

Favorite Beanie: Spring Heathered Beanie // Slouchy Burnt Orange Hat

the bird tales favorite


wish you were northwest  #nrthwst

*why I love them: A little different than the knit and crochet beanies I have listed as my other favorites,  the classic fold over style is a great addition to any beanie lovers collection.  I love the sayings they have chosen, “wander” and “chase the fog”  and I think any mountain lover would appreciate them!

From their about page on Etsy:

“Our goal is to create apparel that will be your go-to favorites. The stuff that’s easy to wear and perfect for all of the adventures in your heart and out in your world. We hope that when you put it on you are inspired to explore more, wander freely, enjoy life… and it feels so perfectly you.”

Favorite Beanie: “wander“(in header Image) and “chase the fog

chase the fog


Happy Creature Make & Wear Awesome Beanies!

*why I love them:  I know, I know-  this is my shop, but how could I not include it on my list of favorites? My hats are by far my most worn hats!  I love Happy Creature Hats because they are colorful, unique, and well made.  And if you know how to crochet, you can get the FREE pattern and DIY!

Favorite Beanie: Camo Headband

camo headband


Well that completes my round up of my 5 favorite Beanie shops on Etsy!  Be sure to check them out and let me know which is your favorite.  Have other favorites you want to share?  Share the links in the comments!

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How to do the VH crochet stitch


Since releasing my pattern as a free download I thought it might be helpful to share a couple pictures of how I do my custom stitch and also share a story of how the stitch came to be.

I learned how to crochet from my Grandma when I was probably 11 or 12.   That was before I had a drivers license (obviously) and before anyone I knew had internet.  So my knowledge of crochet was limited to what my Grandma showed me and sometimes being lucky enough to get dropped off at the library for a few hours to check out my limit of crochet books.

Unfortunately,  The library books seemed old and impossible to understand since I couldn’t read a pattern, so I tossed them aside and just started making stuff up.  One of the first things I made was a patchwork blanket completely out of single crochet.  I remember showing my Grandma and her saying, “wow!  What a lot of work, all in single crochet.  You know there are other stitches that are bigger and would work up faster for a big project like this.”  What!?  So she showed me the double crochet.

Fast forward 10 years to a bus in Breckenridge, CO.   On the way to the mountain I met another crocheting snowboarder, and we began to talk about our handmade beanies.  I really liked her long and exaggerated stitch so I  asked her what it was.  Double crochet.  Odd, that is what I thought my stitch was?   We got together to make hats and I learned that my stitch was not a double crochet or any other recognizable stitch.  So I named it!   VH- as in Veachel’s Half double crochet.  The stitch is similar size as a hdc, but not made the same.

These days we are so lucky to have awesome crochet books that have come a long way, and of course the Internet (Pinterest!)  to help us learn stitches, patterns, and just be inspired by all the creative artists! Pretty amazing!

So here is how to do the VH stitch.  This stitch is used to make the everyday beanie and the much love headband, both FREE PATTERNS!   Enjoy!

VH Stitch photo tutorial

*1 Yarn over, insert hook into stitch


*2  Pull yarn through stitch only


*3 You now have 3 loops on your hook


*4 Pull 1st loop through 2nd (middle) loop only


*5 You now have 2 loops on your hook


*6 Grab yarn and pull through last 2 loops


*7 Finished VH stitch!


That’s it!  Hope you find this picture tutorial helpful!



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October beanie’s

So I have found my way over to Polyvore!  I am so excited to start uploading pictures of my own beanies and putting together “sets” as they are called on Polyvore.  Check out what I made while learning my way around!  
October beanie's


Pullover top

Cream beanie

The North Face beanie hat

Oliver Spencer cable beanie
$66 –
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An Introduction

Here is my “before” picture…

before studio

both “before” taking the WordPress blogging 101 Zerotohero course, and before setting up my very own studio space!  So a quick introduction… Happy Creature is a blog I am starting to support my handmade crochet beanie business.  I want to share DIY, outdoor lifestyle and fashion, and hats I make out of my own pattern will be documented by color on my “The Hats” page.  People can use it as a resource for inspiration to make their own hats or to check out a wide range of choices if they want to order one from me.  I just started an Etsy page for selling my beanies online and I participate in local markets and have a few shops in the mountains that sell them as well.

piles of beanies    pom beanies     happy creature tag on beanie

I hope to connect with other crafters, skiers and snowboarders, lovers of the outdoors, yarn companies and pattern designers.  So I joined blogging 101 and plan to get going on regular posts!  Because I love to be overwhelmed (hehe) I also decided to move all the kids (I have three ages 3,4,5) toys out to the barn and take over the toy room as my new studio space right now as well!  New beginnings all around!  I am very excited to have a dedicated space for my yarn, sewing machines, and craft stuff!  The room needs work so I am not going to go crazy painting or anything since the walls all have to be removed to add insulation (it has been a long polar vortex!)  and new drywall but for now it is perfect!  And don’t you love the patterned floor!  Reminds me of Saved by the Bell!

studio foor

Looking forward to the “after” picture, to see how both this blog and studio space shape up!

<3 Veachel

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