An Introduction

Here is my “before” picture…

before studio

both “before” taking the WordPress blogging 101 Zerotohero course, and before setting up my very own studio space!  So a quick introduction… Happy Creature is a blog I am starting to support my handmade crochet beanie business.  I want to share DIY, outdoor lifestyle and fashion, and hats I make out of my own pattern will be documented by color on my “The Hats” page.  People can use it as a resource for inspiration to make their own hats or to check out a wide range of choices if they want to order one from me.  I just started an Etsy page for selling my beanies online and I participate in local markets and have a few shops in the mountains that sell them as well.

piles of beanies    pom beanies     happy creature tag on beanie

I hope to connect with other crafters, skiers and snowboarders, lovers of the outdoors, yarn companies and pattern designers.  So I joined blogging 101 and plan to get going on regular posts!  Because I love to be overwhelmed (hehe) I also decided to move all the kids (I have three ages 3,4,5) toys out to the barn and take over the toy room as my new studio space right now as well!  New beginnings all around!  I am very excited to have a dedicated space for my yarn, sewing machines, and craft stuff!  The room needs work so I am not going to go crazy painting or anything since the walls all have to be removed to add insulation (it has been a long polar vortex!)  and new drywall but for now it is perfect!  And don’t you love the patterned floor!  Reminds me of Saved by the Bell!

studio foor

Looking forward to the “after” picture, to see how both this blog and studio space shape up!

<3 Veachel

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